3 December 2010

Isn't the snow wonderful!

Whilst everyone seems to be getting a little down in the dumps with the weather, me and my friends at uni are LOVING it! Of course, I guess it's mostly to do with the fact that it's a complete distraction from the work we SHOULD be doing...but oh well! Here are a few photos of the fun to be had!

29 November 2010

Winter approaches...

This term at uni has been stressful...and BUSY! Unfortunately, due to this, my blog has been slightly (or, perhaps, completely!) deserted. However, I am still enjoying browsing other people's blogs and getting rather excited about Christmas! My gran is (hopefully!) going to teach me to knit this holiday season... the perfect christmas present in my eyes!

23 August 2010

Tea Party!

To celebrate my 21st my parents threw me a glorious tea party! There was bunting, cake stands, muffins, bakewell tarts, tea...and of course...alcohol. It was fabulous!

Who doesn't love to eat cake?


Doesn't everyone just LOVE the summer?! I don't think there's a single person who doesn't love the warmth of the sun, the birdsong, the blossom.


I have had the pleasure of pottering around my home and taking a few photos of the things I love...I'm hoping to show you all so much more on here...I just needed to start of with something simple! Don't want to run before I can walk with this blog!

16 June 2010

It's been a while...

I have failed as a blogger. In all the excitement of creating a blog (finally!) it hit me- I have nothing to write about! I watched the film Julie and Julia, which I didn't think I would enjoy- but actually LOVED it to my surprise! I am so jeleous that Julie (or should that be julia?!) had something to focus on in her blog everyday...I therefore decided I needed some sort of aim or theme for my blog. Whilst, of course, it is to be a collection of vintage finds and lovely thoughts, I also have recently bought a Canon EOS 400d with a couple of lenses...and a diana F and a fisheye camera.
How terribly exciting....
1, 2, 3 click!

6 March 2010

My First Post!

Ok, I think I'm finally up and running with this thing! It's looking rather bare... but I can't wait to fill this with my frolicks and fancies! I'm not the biggest fan of computers and have struggled a little with understanding how to get this going...but I finally feel I've made progress... I mean look at me; I've made a post and everything!

Hope everyone's wonderful, I'll certainly be posting a decent blog very soon!