25 March 2011

Put a stamp on it.

Finished my number of postcards and letters and will be popping them in the post box today! Exciting!

A glimpse of love...

~ Mamma and Gramps ~

24 March 2011

Letter Love

Beautiful work of Ellie

Whilst I've had this blog for over a year, I've really (as you can see from my blogs) only been getting in to it since the new year. I am now addicted. Having been lost in a world-wind of cutting from blog-to-blog-to-blog for some hours, somehow I came across Ellie's. It's a beautiful blog and a must view!
Through her love of letters and post she's inspired me to get back into the beauty of this (sadly deprived) practice.
I began searching for old cards and came across an old Winnie the Pooh notelets box. Having decided I'd perhaps grown out of pooh bear and tigger I decided to recover it...

Having sifted through my craft box I found a number of beautiful vintage postcards and notelets which I filled it with..and then got myself down to the post office to buy some stamps!

I even made a few myself...

So, I've decided (whilst, perhaps it's a little late for new years resolutions) for a spring resolution (does that work?!) I'm going to stop chatting on facebook and texting so much and send some lovely post instead! Thank you Ellie!

And (for now anyway!) a few of these...


Beautiful postcards by the uber talented Seventy Tree

And these!

Yes please...

I LOVE this...

From Urban Outfitters

I'm keeping everything crossed that the fella listens to my 'hints' VERY soon!!

23 March 2011

Thrifty finds...

There's a wonderful book store down the road which has a great collection of books that do very nicely for my theological studies. Whilst perusing the shelves for an explanation of Gnosticism (oh the joy!) I couldn't help myself when I found this lovely Peter Rabbit Craft Book!

Whilst the craft ideas inside aren't all that jazz..there's some beautiful illustrations inside..and I just couldn't resist the bargain price of 50p!

19 March 2011

All things crotchet...

I've wanted to crotchet for quite some time, but, as my grandma can't remember how to, I didn't think I'd be getting anywhere fast! But, of course, I then realised there's this thing...called..the internet. After a few hours of perusing you-tube and other blogs I (finally!) stumbled across Meet Me At Mikes which has an amazingly detailed set of videos, demonstrations, instructions..the lot! What a fantastic blog!

My first attempt was in less than an hour...and whilst it's by no means perfect, I'm AMAZED at the speed (thanks to the blog!!) I've been able to produce something!
I'm definately going to have to get lots more practice in...and meet up with my lovely friend Hannah (who's becoming quite the pro at the ol' crotchet!) for some pointers!

18 March 2011

Coming along nicely...

I'm sooo pleased! My patches are finally coming together and I'm now seeing the benefits of this knitting thing! Very, very happy! Not sure how to edge my blanket..would love to do a crotched scallop edge--but, of course, I don't know how to!
As I'm a beginner I'm not QUITE ready for cable knitting or Arran cardigans quite yet! My grandma is, however, hoping to show me how to make a teapot cosy when I'm home over Easter...can't wait!
Enjoy the weekend!