27 February 2011

A Polaroid of Love

February is notoriously the month of love with its chocolates, flowers and cupids. It is also my anniversary with my partner...and this year it's the 5th! Whilst, ofcourse, the relationship hasn't been all chocolates, flowers and cupids, we are still very much in love!

~Ma and Pa~

Whilst pondering such things I came across a beautiful picture of my mum and dad from their 'courting' days and felt quite moved by it. They have been through so much together and through 35 years of marriage they still care for one another...what an inspiration, and what a joy to eagerly anticipate all of this to come...


Whilst we may be in February now (and usually by this point I have given up all hope of keeping my New Years resolutions!) I have been rather successful so far! This year I wished, rather than the usual promise of saving money and, ofcourse, losing weight, to take up a craft or hobby. My gran, therefore, over Christmas, as I'd hoped taught me to knit (and purl, might I add!) And I must say, I am overjoyed at my results...and we're only in the second month of the year!

When deciding on a project, I chose to begin a patchwork quilt! I now have 26 patches...and have decided to measure it at 12 x 14 squares, hoping that this will comfortabley cover a double bed (or wrap me up snug-as-a-bug on the sofa when reading a good book or watching 'An Affair to Remember'!)

Happy New Year!