28 June 2011

Crotchet, curtain rings and cabinets!

As you can see, due to uni work and going on my jollies (Cornwall and Isle of Man) I've been a very bad blogger...and have quickly (well, maybe not that quickly) tried to rectify this by jotting down a post before the month ends! P.s. Apologies for the terrible pictures- they've been taken using my not-so-great phone!

Since I've now finished my second year of uni I've thrown myself in to crafting! As previously blogged, I've started crotcheting granny squares, and they're not going too badly to say I've taught myself thanks to the wonderful resource of youtube!

I've also been inspired by the wonderful blog by Ella Masters, by crafting with curtain rings! Her post illustrates how to transform the meager curtain ring into a necklace. Using her idea, finding 12 curtain rings in a charity shop for 20p, and discovering some old floral and peach bedsheets, I set to work and have made some bits to go up on the bedroom wall!

My knitted patchwork blanket is progressing steadily...

And my lovely mum, whilst wandering in cornwall discovered a tiny little craft shop...and proceeded to buy me this gorgeous knitting bag to store my wool and needles in! Aren't I lucky?!

And, finally (!), the most exciting news of all, me and the boyf are finally going to be living together very soon!!! So, in all the excitement, we, perhaps hastily (but it was such a bargain we couldn't refuse!) bought a corner unit! We've sanded it and it's had its first coat of paint on...so updates on that will appear over the next few weeks!

I can't wait to move in with him! In no time at all I'll be growing strawberry plants, baking and knitting whilst watching "Some like it hot!" Yay!