29 May 2011

Hello Crotchet!

As you know I've started knitting...but friday night I became extremely bored of revising and decided to watch a few youtube clips to learn how to crotchet a granny square! I must say- even if I do say so myself- they're pretty good! (photos to follow) But as I was browsing the web I came across this beautiful image and free pattern and am hoping to give these a whirl soon!

24 May 2011

Car-boot beauties!

I am THRILLED with my purchases on Sunday at the local car-boot! Bought some lovely picture frames, a couple of necklaces and a golf rack (for the boyf!) But my BEST bargains of the day were these beauties...

Gorgeous typewriter in full working order...(LOVE the colours!)...just need to get myself some ribbon! And how much was she? £2!!!

Original 1950's Diana camera in its box... £1!

Coronet 'Week-end' Camera...£1! Although I'm struggling to find out what film this camera takes. The guy at the car-boot gave me some 126 film free with it, but he wasn't 100% if it was the correct film? Any ideas anyone!?

Beautiful Brownie camera! Was REALLY chuffed with this purchase...my mum, knowing my love for vintage finds and my knew passion for photography, kicked herself when she realised she threw away her first camera, the brownie. Now I have my very own, and mum can't wait for a go on it either! Bargain price...50p!

And finally, a classic Coronet box style. Isn't she beautiful?! Again, just £1! As you can imagine...I'm SO pleased with my car-boot finds...although I fear this may begin an addiction to sunday morning car-boot sprees...my purse isn't going to be happy!

17 May 2011

Look at my treasures...

A little trip to the local Antique Shop and look at the beauties I found! Vintage faux-snake skin black handbag £4; 6 beautifully patterned coasters and holder 50p; Dainty bird necklace £2; 3 vintage postcards 20p each; Amazing embroidered hand mirror £1! Very happy thrifter indeed!

14 May 2011


Over the Royal Wedding Weekend a few of the girls from Uni popped down into my neck of the woods and off we traipsed to Chatsworth House(One friend did confuse this with Chatsworth Estate, but I reassured her we wouldn't be spotting Mimi anywhere!)Of course, while we were there we HAD to visit the Farm! Hurrah! Here are a few snaps of the piglets, lambs and a GORGEOUS brown cow I wanted to take home!

Bloomin' Marvellous!

With all this lovely sunshine the blossom's are really starting to come out, aren't they? Just a couple of pictures from my rounds of the lovely blooms!