24 May 2011

Car-boot beauties!

I am THRILLED with my purchases on Sunday at the local car-boot! Bought some lovely picture frames, a couple of necklaces and a golf rack (for the boyf!) But my BEST bargains of the day were these beauties...

Gorgeous typewriter in full working order...(LOVE the colours!)...just need to get myself some ribbon! And how much was she? £2!!!

Original 1950's Diana camera in its box... £1!

Coronet 'Week-end' Camera...£1! Although I'm struggling to find out what film this camera takes. The guy at the car-boot gave me some 126 film free with it, but he wasn't 100% if it was the correct film? Any ideas anyone!?

Beautiful Brownie camera! Was REALLY chuffed with this purchase...my mum, knowing my love for vintage finds and my knew passion for photography, kicked herself when she realised she threw away her first camera, the brownie. Now I have my very own, and mum can't wait for a go on it either! Bargain price...50p!

And finally, a classic Coronet box style. Isn't she beautiful?! Again, just £1! As you can imagine...I'm SO pleased with my car-boot finds...although I fear this may begin an addiction to sunday morning car-boot sprees...my purse isn't going to be happy!


  1. I've seen so many typewriters in blogland recently. It makes me wonder why I got rid of 3 (yes 3!) at a carboot we had ourselves some time back. Never mind. Love the last camera. Such an iconic piece.

  2. Nooo!! I've been looking for one for so long! I'd still like a turqiouse/teal one...have to keep my eyes peeled for that! I know- such a good day!

  3. Amazing cameras! Thank you for joining my giveaway and becoming a follower!

    Pomona x

  4. Diana F camera is a steal!!! Love the typewriter too!