29 May 2011

Hello Crotchet!

As you know I've started knitting...but friday night I became extremely bored of revising and decided to watch a few youtube clips to learn how to crotchet a granny square! I must say- even if I do say so myself- they're pretty good! (photos to follow) But as I was browsing the web I came across this beautiful image and free pattern and am hoping to give these a whirl soon!


  1. Ooh, they're lovely, where did you find them? I could do with making some of them for when the small girl has a room of her own. I am currently enjoying crocheting some granny squares too. It makes for a nice little project to pick up when you have two minutes spare... x

  2. Hi Caroline! Click on "Beautiful pastel crotchet hearts" underneath the picture and it'll take you straight to them! I know, they're lovely aren't they?! Let me know if you make some- would love to see it! x

  3. Just clicked on the link...looks like I've made a boo-boo somewhere... here you go:


    hope that works!x