19 March 2011

All things crotchet...

I've wanted to crotchet for quite some time, but, as my grandma can't remember how to, I didn't think I'd be getting anywhere fast! But, of course, I then realised there's this thing...called..the internet. After a few hours of perusing you-tube and other blogs I (finally!) stumbled across Meet Me At Mikes which has an amazingly detailed set of videos, demonstrations, instructions..the lot! What a fantastic blog!

My first attempt was in less than an hour...and whilst it's by no means perfect, I'm AMAZED at the speed (thanks to the blog!!) I've been able to produce something!
I'm definately going to have to get lots more practice in...and meet up with my lovely friend Hannah (who's becoming quite the pro at the ol' crotchet!) for some pointers!

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