18 August 2011


So as previously posted, me and the boyf will be moving in together in the near future- we have a date in mind and have been starting to collect some bits and bobs together...well...mostly me hoarding car boot junk in my room, but you get the idea! I popped into one of the local charity shops this week and spotted this arm chair.
Now, I'm in two minds about it...I love it, well actually I just mostly love it, but then there's a sliver in me that thinks, maybe that's a little TOO floral?! I just don't know...but it was £20...and my money was CERTAINLY burning in my pocket! So I sent a quick snap to the boyf for his judgement (wow! Technology is awesome) and lo and behold he replied "I couldn't live with that. You need your eyes testing." Darn. Oh well...I think I'll have to compromise with a few floral cushions instead of this beast.
Maybe moving in together isn't the best idea?

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